e3-logo-400Last week was not only a big week of new releases, but E3 as well.

We start off this week’s show with a round-up of some of the great looking upcoming titles from Gameloft, SEGA, EA, TellTale and more which Trevor got to spend some time with at E3 this year.

Then we discuss in detail three of the many new titles that launched last week, starting with Rovio’s newest Angry Birds game, which takes the series in a brand-new direction, Angry Birds Epic, Double Fine’s iOS port of their incredible and cinematic Kickstarted adventure game Broken Age and finally the challenging, charming and creative Crescent Moon Games published 3D puzzle game, Twisty Planets.

And we round out the show with a quick discussion of a few of the other standout new releases that captivated our attentions last week.


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