wwdc_14_live-600x300Yay…WWDC is finally upon us and Trevor and I give our last-minute predictions and wish lists regarding what new features iOS 8 will be bringing to the table.

We discuss two innovative video apps, MatchCut, which is super easy to use, and Gridplay, which involves a little more work from the user, but can yield some phenomenal results.

As for games, last week was a great week for puzzle games with surprises like the free to play Folt and paid game Perfect Paths. We also got an addictive sequel TwoDots.

Adult Swim and Mediatonic stumbled a bit with their latest game Delivery Outlaw, but Mika Mobile didn’t and offers up the content-packed Battleheart Legacy.

Finally I can’t help but mention how much my girls have fallen in love with Toca Town.


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