TYLT has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for its Energi 2K Travel Charger which combines a USB power brick all charger and portable battery all-in-one, giving you power for your iPhone, or any USB powered device that requires 1A output (or less) any time you need it.

It’s a great idea that seems so obvious, you wonder why no one has done it before now. Designed to replace your standard wall charger, the TYLT Energi Travel Charger 2K charges your device with your existing power cable first, then it charges its own internal 2200mAh battery which can give you a boost of power any time you need it, even if there are no power outlets available. The device is a little bigger than the standard iPhone power brick (only a little bigger than Apple’s standard iPad power supply brick) and includes a collapsible plug making it just as portable, but tremendously more useful.

TYLT’s Energi Travel Charger 2K uses patented technology and is available in four colors to suit your individual style. The device is also super affordable, especially if you get in now on the low early bird discount pricing option of $20, which gets you an Energi 2K for 50% off its retail price, making it nearly the same price as buying a new plug from Apple. It seems like a super convenient way to always carry around a little power insurance, especially if you are someone who doesn’t own a battery case or doesn’t use a case period. In essence, you are just replacing something you’d have in your bag anyways.

tylt-enegeri-2k-ks-04TYLT is seeking $50,000 in backing which will be used for UL testing fees and an initial production run and will deliver product to backers in July 2014.

If you read my review of TYLT’s Energi Sliding Power Case, you’ll know I’m a fan of their products so you should definitely consider backing this product.

NOTE: I would NOT recommend using it as a charger for an iPad as that device requires a 2.1A output power source to charge at normal rate. Usage on iPad would be a trickle charge at best (if it even works at all) however other tablets may be fine.

Visit the official Kickstarter page to pledge and for loads more details.