soccer-rally-2_568093498_ipad_01.jpgHere we are, another Wednesday night and rapidly nearing the end of April.

It is another strong week of new releases highlighted by several highly anticipated titles that I got to experience at PAX East earlier this month.

Starting things off, as always with the freebies is
Soccer Rally 2. This is the sequel to IceFlame’s soccer / cart riding mashup, where players use a variety of vehicles to propel soccer balls around the pitch and score goals for victory.

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen a new title from Little White Bear Studios, but tonight this indie hit us up with Red Yer Dead, which looks to be a frenetic game of avoidance as players attempt to collect as many blue pieces as possible before a red one gets them. New red dots are added every 60 seconds, meaning the difficult climbs, the longer you survive.

Exodus. is an interesting looking new logic puzzle game from a first time developer where you must try to collect all the orbs in the level with your avatar, using swipe gestures for control.

I’m really excited by this next little surprise, as it seems that Cantankerous is reviving one of my very favorite path drawing iOS games, which had unfortunately been removed from the App Store several years back. Lion Pride 2 brings back Blue Fang Game’s classic iOS game of predator vs. prey in an all-new free-to-play format. I’m curious to see what the IAPs are like, but I’m happy to see this great title back on the App Store.

If you are one of those people who are already missing cold weather sports, then MyTP One Mountain – Ski, Freeski and Snowboard could be perfect for you as you try to master a huge mountain “packed with half and quarter pipes, jumps, slope style courses, boxes, rails and sheer endless run possibilities”.

Looking for a challenge? Suited Up is a one-touch platformer which “requires players to visualize each jump”. The developer has warns that the game can be a bit punishing, so only the sadistic or strong-willed need apply.

Microids is back with another puzzle adventure game, 9 Elefants. Professor Weismann has gone missing and it is up to you, the professor’s daughter Laura (with the help of the professor’s cat) to explore Paris and try to track the professor down.

As I mentioned earlier, the final three titles are all ones I got a chance to see at PAX East and am excited to see make it to release this week.

third-eye-crime-act-1_847537573_ipad_02.jpgThird Eye Crime: Act 1 was a long time coming, but after being featured in last year’s PAX East Indie Showcase and finding publisher Gameblyr, this excellent stealth noir puzzle game is ready to entertain iOS owners tonight. I really enjoyed the time I spent with this one at PAX East and it looks and sounds better than ever. Well worth the wait, Moonshot Games has done some rather nice tweaks to really make the game play well on iPhones and iPod touches as well, despite their reduced screen real-estate and smaller graphical elements. I’ll have a full review soon, but I am quite pleased with how the game has turned out.

Rocketcat Games never fails to satisfy and tonight’s procedurally generated action adventure game Wayward Souls continues that tradition. With six different characters to choose from, each with their own unique play-styles, abilities and equipment, along with the randomly generated levels, there is loads of replay value here. Truth be told, I had a hard time putting this one down at PAX. Rocketcat Games is once again trying a new pricing method, this time starting the game at an introductory price of $4.99 and increasing the price by $1 each time a new content update is released (several are already planned). So you’ll want to get in on the ground floor.

leos-fortune_830544402_ipad_01.jpgFinally that brings us to Leo’s Fortune, a platforming adventure game with absolutely gorgeous looking visuals. I only got a brief glimpse of this one at PAX East, but have had some hands on time with it since and it is quite good, with an interesting narrative throughout. It features 24 rather long levels with some physics-based puzzle elements. The levels can be replayed to earn all of the per-level coin, time and non-dying goals as well as unlocking a ‘hardcore mode. This is certainly one to consider this week.

And that will do it for this week, though I’m sure there will be a few more surprises that show up on the App Store tomorrow. Make sure to check out the trailers on page two on the post.

Go to the second page of this post to watch the trailers for these games.