Hearthstone_on_iPad_2Last week another great week for new iOS releases.

Unfortunately due to PAX East and some other things, I’m a bit late tackling this, as we’ll be getting even more new apps tomorrow night. I’ll start with the worldwide launch of Blizzard’s fantastic new free-to-play card battling game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. It is a stellar new entry in this genre and a must-download for iPad owners.

Mobage had a couple of new releases, Isolani, a free-to-play episodic FPS set aboard an alien spacecraft and Pocket Gridiron, a football sim, where you build your own team and call all of the plays.

10tons Ltd Is back with even more marble-popping fun with all sorts of interesting power ups in Sparkle Unleashed. The first 23 levels are free to play with a total of 108 levels unlockable via a one-time $5.99 IAP. Another fantastic entry in this hard to put down game series.

Zynga Is back with a brand-new sequel to the game that put them on the map. Optimized for mobile, FarmVille 2: Country Escape is here to temp those still playing this classic social game.

froggy-jump-2_803501292_ipad_02.jpgThose iOS gamers who love vertical platformers have a few new freebies to choose from, NAMCO BANDAI’s sequel Froggy Jump 2 and the piranha-avoiding mayhem of Jumping Jaxx

On the paid front we kick things off with the screen-tapping shoot’em up action of Hopeless: Space Shooting. Then One Man Left Is back with their all-new 99¢ Brimstone Pinball mode for Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous, available as an in-app purchase.

If that wasn’t enough challenge for your reflexes, then look no further than
Unpossible. Acceleroto fast-flying obstacle avoidance game certainly looks like it will put you through your paces whether you choose to play via tilt, touch or external controls.

Looking for something a little more casual? Pixle Is back with more 3D paper folding fun with Foldify Zoo – Papercraft fun!.

hitman-go_731645633_ipad_02.jpgNow we hit the $4.99 and up games, starting with one game that I got to see at PAX East.
Hitman GO takes an abstract puzzle game and infuses it with a rich, captivating board game aesthetic and aspects of the popular Hitman video game franchise. SQUARE ENIX gives iOS gamers a completely new way to experience Agent 47 that will appeal to those both familiar and unfamiliar with the franchise. I really enjoyed the time I spent with this game at PAX, it is absolutely gorgeous.

Baseball season is underway and Out of the Park Developments is back with this year’s edition if their super popular baseball simulation game, iOOTP Baseball 2014 Edition. Featuring real players and rosters, the PC’s best-selling baseball management game shines again on iOS.

Gameloft returns to the App Store with another movie tie-in game. This time it is an open-world adventure game for the upcoming feature film sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Sling webs, walk on walls and use your Spidey sense to end the city-wide gang war and keep citizens safe from Electro and other evil super-villains.

yomi_594630025_ipad_01.jpgFinally we have the iOS port of a card battling board game called Yomi. Coming from Sirlin Games, Yomi Is a “fighting game in card form. Each deck represents a character and the decks follow poker conventions to help you learn the contents of your deck more easily. Numbered cards are “normal” moves, face cards are special moves, and aces are super moves.” It centers around a core Rock-scissors-paper mechanic, but with a lot more depth and strategy. This is one I’ll certainly be diving into deeper in the weeks to come.

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