pax-east-2014-map-indie-showcaseIf you are interested in mobile gaming, then the PAX East Indie Showcase (located at booth #692) is a perfect place to start.

Each year PAX accepts game submissions from independent developers around the world for this special showcase, selecting six lucky winners to feature during the show. This year’s entire crop of games are either already available on iOS platforms or are scheduled to appear on iOS platforms once they are officially released.

Half of the games are readily available right now for download, while the other half are in various stages of completeness, but should have demos and/or playable builds at the show.

Available Now

In the released category, we have the atmospheric platformer / runner Crowman & Wolfboy which has been seen in various states at previous PAX Easts and comes from Pittsburgh-based Wither Studios. Then there is the Apple-featured reflex-challenging dexterity title, Duet Game from three-time Indie Showcase developer Kumobius and finally the 3D scare ‘em up game, The Spookening from Swedish dev, Modesty.

Upcoming Games

peis_framedThe upcoming titles include the rather original looking and award-winning narrative-puzzle game FRAMED, courtesy of Australian development studio, Loveshack. This is probably the game I am most interested in checking out myself.

Next is Singapore’s Springloaded Software with a cute-looking combat RPG titled Tiny Dice Dungeon.

Finally, iOS indie favorites, Rocketcat Games (Punch Quest, Super Quick Hook) are back with Wayward Souls, an action-adventure dungeon crawler that’s been two years in the making.

I plan to take a closer look at (at least) the un-released games on this list while at the show, but in the meantime, for more information on each of these games, you can visit the official Indie Showcase page, or stop by booth #692 yourself while at the show.