app-store-titansIt was a monstrous week of new game releases for the App Store.

We got new titles from some of the biggest money-makers on the platform as well as a plethora of indie devs.
Trevor and I start off this week’s episode with a discussion of Microsoft’s new Office Suite for the iPad (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and its chances on a platform already offering Pages, Numbers and Keynote for FREE to new device owners (or $10 each, instead of $10 a month).

Diving into the new games we discuss Flappy Golf, Noodlecakes quick new take on their classic iOS golf game. Then there are the big new free-to-play games from iOS titans Supercell, Rovio Stars Ltd., Supercell clone’s themselves with their new combat strategy game Boom Beach, and Rovio’s publishing arm and battle for social word game supremacy with Word Monsters and Keyword VS. respectively.

And we round out this week’s discussion with the new Tiny Thief-like point and click puzzle game Tiny Space Adventure, I gush over Ravensburger Puzzle and we take a peek at Gameloft’s new movie tie-in game Captain America: The Winter Soldier – The Official Game.

I hope you enjoy the episode.

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