UPDATE: For some reason, neither Pigs With Problems nor Folt have appeared on the US store yet, they may have been soft launches.

cabin-escape-alices-story_810011347_ipad_01.jpgIt is an amazingly packed night of new releases so I am once again doing separate FREE and PAID app posts.

The slate of free apps is as full as the paid one, so let’s get things started with an awesome freebie from the guys at Glitch Games who created a short point-and-click prequel to their fantastic Forever Lost adventure game series. It will only take you about 30 minutes to complete, but Cabin Escape: Alice’s Story is a MUST DOWNLOAD title as it does an amazing job of showcasing the Glitch team’s clever puzzling prowess. You don’t need to have played either of the previous Forever Lost titles to enjoy this one, but you’ll definitely want to after getting a taste of the fun from Cabin Escape.

Supercell has made some insanely high amount of money off their extremely popular free-to-play combat strategy game Clash of Clans as well as Hay Day. Now they hope to mint gold again with their new free-to-play combat strategy game, Boom Beach. Trading barbarians, war wizards and Medieval villages for soldiers, mercenaries and the paradise islands, Boom Beach will have you exploring a huge tropical archipelago in search of treasure, enslaved islanders and bases to raid and plunder. No doubt this massive online social game will be rocking the top of the FREE charts by week’s end.

flappy-golf_833756002_ipad_02.jpgThe next couple of freebies are fresh takes on classic games from a pair of my favorite indie devs. Noodlecake has taken people’s love for all things ‘flappy’ and created a cool new way to play Super Stickman Golf in their new free game, Flappy Golf. Using left and right directional flapping buttons, you must fly your ball to the hole in as few flaps as possible to earn a gold, silver or bronze star for that hole. There are 32 different 9 hole courses (all of your favorite holes from the series are here) and it’s all free, you just need to earn a certain amount of stars to unlock the next course. A fun take on the game we all know and love.

In a similar vein, Retro Dreamer has taken its popular popping / chain-reaction franchise, Sneezies in a slightly new direction with Tappy Pop. It is essentially the same play mechanics, except that instead of a puzzle game where you try to pop X percentage of Sneezies with a single tap, Tappy Pop offers a more of a high-scoring arcadey atmosphere, challenging you to pop every Sneezie that falls down from the top of the screen. You still can create massive chain reactions, but if you miss too many of the falling Sneezies, it’s game over. It feels like a totally different game.

Several months ago I got to play an early (but seemingly complete) build of GooHoo. However, even though it felt nearly finished the game just went quiet. Well it looks like tonight it has finally made its way to the App Store and now you too can also play this cute, cartoony, ‘jumping between spinning objects-style puzzle platforming game which takes place inside of giant robots.

pigs-with-problems_789524380_ipad_01.jpgPigs With Problems is an endless runner featuring the three little pigs. Somehow the big bad wolf has managed to muster up the lung capacity to blow down the third pig’s house and now the pigs are on run, trying to save their bacon. Using a series of gestures you’ll have to hit, punch, and thrown the big bad wolf’s evil minions out of the way to help and protect the poor little piggies.

Hold onto your pocket protector’s, its time for a Nerdy Workout. Scrawny and week, this geek is far from l33t in the athletics department, and he needs to pump iron and try to hold onto his limbs. This is a simple reflex-driven tapping game of avoidance where you touch the left side of the screen to do a rep with your left arm, tap the right to lift the dumbbell in your right hand, all while avoiding having an arm bit off by a piranha-like monster. Makes perfect sense right. This debut title by Cup of Joe Games is bound to appeal to the Flappy Bird crowd.

Whether or not it lives up to its name remains to be seen, but King of Shmup is a new top-down, vertical space shoot’em up where you must blast waves incoming enemies before the time runs out, earning score multipliers with combos and chains of successful kills. Soak in the sweet chiptunes soundtrack as you collect power ups and see if you have what it takes to compete for the worldwide leaderboards.

Continuing with the test of reflexes, zRacer is a fast-paced vector / polygon tunnel-style racing game where you must be quick enough to dodge objects that go whizzing by you.

The energy drink that gives us wings, now brings us Red Bull Racers a new slot racing game, which I’m told is the first to feature the leading slot racing brand, Carrera. I’m not usually a fan of slot racing games, but this one looks like it has some pretty nice graphics and a cool selection of cars. So I’ll be checking it out.

folt_823039529_ipad_02.jpgAccording to his website, Swiss developer Daniel Lutz works for Square Enix during the day and on his independent projects at night. In 2010 he gave iOS gamers the wonderfully creative puzzle game Colorbind, followed by several additional unique projects, and now he’s back again with Folt. It is a level-based puzzle game with a minimalist design. Players flip tiles and match colors to move through the levels, avoiding obstacles and hopefully not painting themselves into a corner. It is free to play, with some optional IAP.

Finally we have Hoots, a charming new free-to-play matching game from 4 Thrones Solitaire developer Kurt Bieg. Players race against a 60 second clock to match up strings of similarly colored owls in a 3×3 grid. The game is free-to-play, with each try costing an acorn, which can be purchased in-game, but you do get up to 3 free plays every 6 mins.

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