457307314_640It’s podcasting time again and we’ve got another info-packed show for you.

Tonight we look at Apple’s recently announced CarPlay functionality that will start bringing intuitive and familiar hands-free functionality to vehicles from most major manufacturers over the next couple of years. We also talk about Flipboard’s recent acquisition of the CNN-owned news app Zite and the good and bad repercussions of such a deal.

For apps this week, we take a look at a recently updated email client Hop, secure messaging client Cryptocat and the crowd-sourced social discovery app Findery.

On the games front we check out Mediocre’s amazing new title Smash Hit which is deserved of its name. We also talk about Ravenous Games’ latest, Devious Dungeon, Foursaken Media’s latest Block Fortress: War and the horrifying PC to IOS title Knock-Knock Game.

And there are a few more surprises along the way…so have a listen and enjoy.

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