toca-pet-doctorThe doctor is in (your house) this Thursday, when Toca Boca releases their next digital toy…Toca Pet Doctor.

Over the weekend, Toca Boca revealed the details of their next app, along with an animal-filled trailer. Your little ones (recommended for ages 2-6) can don their rubber gloves and white coat to help take care of 15 different animals from cleaning puppies to untying knotted up worms.

Toca Pet Doctor looks like another cute title that your little ones will enjoy, and parents need not worry about letting them explore it on their own, as it contains no third-party advertising and no in-app purchases.

Check out the trailer below:

The complete list of pets includes:

  • CHARM the charming dog
  • BUN our friendly neighborhood budgie
  • TARZAN the upside down turtle
  • WORM the not so happy earthworm
  • BLOB the slimy snail
  • POP the spikey iguana
  • MOLLY the chipper Guinea Pig
  • BISSE the yellow canary
  • RASCAL the mischievous cat
  • PICKLES the perky pigeon
  • CID (pronounced Sssssid) the snake
  • DOTTIE the spotted toad
  • JESS “pretty eyes” spider
  • BRIE the cheesy mouse
  • And TOFU the vegetarian rabbit.