GI_IncredibleHeist_Screenshot_003Hidden Object games are a very popular genre on the App Store and one that translates very well to mobile touch screens. Game Insight is well-known for its numerous free-to-play titles in this space (Mirrors of Albion being one of my personal faves) and they are about to launch a new game called Incredible Heist.

Game Insight has just released a trailer for the upcoming iPad title, which comes from the creator behind their previous hit Mystery Manor (iPhone | iPad).

In ‘Incredible Heist’, players will take the role of an amateur con artist who must help his mentor steal priceless treasures from around the globe. Throughout their journey, players will collect rare items and learn much about the tactics of veteran con artists. The game will leverage the best features of the hidden-object genre while also mixing up with action with engrossing new mini-games as well.

While hidden object games are not necessarily a genre I actively seek out, I will say that I usually have fun with them when I do play them and the theme and cinematic trailer for Incredible Heist has certainly gotten my interest piqued for this one.

We don’t know the exact release date yet, but we’ll pass along more info when we get it.