gps-navigation-sat-nav_370144231_02.jpgWith Christmas and New Years just around the corner, many of us will be hitting the roads to visit friends and relatives for the holidays, with the assistance of our iPhones to guide us on our way.

The folks at Skobbler want to help you reach your destination safely (and on time) with the help of their newly re-designed GPS Navigation (Sat Nav) app.

Crisper and cleaner and utilizing Skobbler’s NGx map technology, GPS Navigation relies on crowdsourced OpenStreetMap data, with over 3.5M users (on iOS alone) to provide accurate and up to date information. It also offers both online and offline* navigation modes, so you never need to worry about not having a data signal or using up that limited data plan.

gps-navigation-sat-nav_370144231_01.jpgAside from vehicles, GPS Navigation also offers route planning for pedestrians and cyclists and it has hooks into TripAdvisor to help you figure out the best to stay when you do reach your destination. And for those wanting to add a little fun to the daily commute, you can purchase optional additional voices like Homer Simpson, Mr. T, Stephen Fry and more. You’ll feel as cool as The Hoff, as you exit your driveway with Kitt as your copilot.

Check out the full details of the app on the App Store.

This universal app normally costs 99¢, but Skobbler has been kind enough to give us a pile of promo codes to give away to our readers, and we’ve made it super simple to enter.

Just follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter form below and we will be picking winners very soon.

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* requires an additional in-app offline map purchase (entire United States is only $2.99, the entire world, just $7.99).