einsteinTrevor and kick off this week’s show with the latest Apple iWatch rumors, some new channel additions to the Apple TV, and our thoughts on where we think it needs to be headed next. We also hilight some recent app updates like the great change to the Spotify app which give’s non-subscribing mobile Spotify listeners even more features and free music.

Next week is the last week of updates and new releases before the iTunes holiday lockdown and this week we saw a number of great big new releases as publishers and developers try to get their Apps out before the looming deadline.

On the non-game side of things we get schooled by the brilliant mind of Stephen Hawking, checkout Six to Start’s latest fitness/entertainment app, The Walk, discover great city activities with Peek and discuss the heartwarming story behind the new carpooling app Trees for Cars.

On the games front, we look at Fireproof Games’ gorgeous and challenging 3D puzzling sequel The Room Two, Rovio’s welcome change in direction for the Angry Birds franchise with Angry Birds Go!. We also briefly discuss a couple of high-profile iOS ports, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and LEGO® Star Wars™: The Complete Saga.

Also, don’t forget that The Room, Pocket Titans, Pocket God : Ooga Jump and more are currently free as well as Spinlight Studio’s daily freebies for kids.

Hope you enjoy the show, and thanks for listening.

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