carcassonne_375295479_ipad_05.jpgFor the first time since its launch in June 2010, TheCodingMonkeys have put their digital recreation of the popular table top game Carcassonne on sale.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Carcassonne is a “German-style board game played by placing tiles and game pieces on a table. While playing, a medieval world of towns, roads and fields unfolds on the table”.

This digital version allows you to play online multiplayer matches with family, friends and random opponents from around the globe, plus there is nothing to set up or a mess to clean up when you are done.

The price drop is to celebrate the upcoming ‘The Dragon and the Princess‘ expansion which “adds even more strategy and excitement to the game by introducing the Dragon, the Princess, the Fairy and Magic Portals to the game board”, and for a limited time you can pick up the game for $6.99 instead of the usual price of $9.99.

1-OxWpptVmwmG5Zrb_HAzb2QFor more details about the expansion, which will be available as an in-app purchase for $1.99 sometime in the week before christmas, you can check out this extensive in-depth sneak preview article.

I’ve never played Carcassonne before, but it is one of those games that I am always hearing mentioned (all positive), so it has been on my wish list for a while now.

This sale was the prefect time for me to pick up a copy and finally see what I’ve been missing.

You can purchase your copy of Carcassonne below.