You may recall that the solitaire game 4 Thrones went free for one day in celebration of the studio’s Kickstarter Campaign for a physical version of the game.

If you missed it the last time, now you have another chance, because through the end of the Kickstarter Campaign on December 12th, Simple Machine is once again giving the game away for free.

Don’t forget, if you want to own your very own set of physical 4 Thrones cards, then you will want to throw some support at the Kickstarter as it still has a ways to go to reach its funding goal of $8,900.

As well as the price drop, the game was just updated to add 10 new themes and 300 beatable decks. There is also a special Fire theme that unlocks when players view the Kickstarter page from within the app.

Lastly, this coming Thurs from 8pm-10pm EST, the game’s sole developer Kurt Bieg will be doing a Reddit Ask-Me-Anything about how he started learning to code 5 years ago and became the successful game designer that he is today.

So what are you waiting for…grab your free copy of 4 Thrones today and make sure to visit the Kickstarter Campaign.

Download your FREE copy of 4 Thrones: