Game Creator Kurt Bieg and publisher Simple Machine have just launched a Kickstarter Campaign to turn Bieg’s elegant and minimalistic iOS solitaire game 4 Thrones into a physical card game.

For those who might not be familiar with the game, 4 Thrones is a solitaire variant which consists of a unique deck of 54 playing cards in which the face cards have been altered.

“In this variant the face cards are suitless. Each of the three types of face cards feature their unique exceptions while playing 4 Thrones. The Jack will accept any lower card of any suit and so has the four suits on the bottom. The Queen, because of her desire for love or money, will accept a heart or diamond card of lesser value, and the warring King will only accept a lesser card that is a spade (or a soldiers sword).”

Funds from the campaign will be used to print custom 4 Thrones card decks (in a few varieties of colors) which exactly match the digital cards used in the iOS version. At least one physical deck is included with all backer rewards at the $12 level and higher. These decks look really nice!

4ThronesPlayingCards02The ironic part of this whole campaign is that Bieg actually used a crude physical version of the game while prototyping it for mobile platforms, so it is returning to its roots. The campaign is in response to the numerous requests that they’ve received from eager fans wanting a physical version of the game, and should the Kickstarter campaign get funded, their wishes will be granted.

But wait, there’s more…

To celebrate the launch of this campaign, Simple Machine has dropped the price of the iOS version of 4 Thrones to free for today only. So make sure you grab a copy of this delightful little game right now.

For more details on the Kickstarter Campaign, or if you would like to back the project and get a physical copy of 4 Thrones, you can visit the campaign page here:

Download your iOS copy of 4 Thrones below: