football-heroesAnother week is over and this one was jam-packed new iOS game releases.

Tonight Trevor and I discuss a number of these titles including Ubisoft’s newest mobile Rayman adventure, Rayman Fiesta Run, NimbleBits’ awesomely addictive Star Wars / Tiny Tower mash-up Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, Warner Bros. and Traveler’s Tale’s latest charming iOS LEGO adventure LEGO® The Lord of the Rings™. Not enough? Well, we also look at the brilliant followup, Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies and one of the most exciting and creative titles of the week, a free-to-play Football / deck-building mashup born from a successful Kickstarter campaign called Football Heroes.

It’s not all fun and GAMES…we also dive into the possible ramifications of Nike’s new Nike+ Move app for the iPhone 5S, the odd musical stylings of Shapes Music, more iOS7 app updates and the newly universal and renamed mail app Molto that makes your mail look more like a media-rich newsreader.

And I’m sure there were a few more things in there that currently escape my mind.

Don’t forget about the 24-Hour 99¢ Toca Boca sale, which is in its final hours and Codito’s 99¢ board game app sale. Also the game Devil’s Attorney is FREE this weekend. While I haven’t tried it yet, it has gotten universally glowing reviews, so you’ll definitely want to grab a copy.

Hope you enjoy the show, and thanks for listening.

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