rymdkapsel_663547503_ipad_01We’ve come to the end of another week of strong iOS game releases, and even more speculation of what new products Apple will or will not be bringing us this fall.

Before we get into the games, Trevor and I discuss a number of notable non-game apps including the latest interactive storybook app from Loud Crow Interactive Inc., a FREE social word processor app with some neat features and an easier way to upload your videos.

On the games front it was a brilliant week for game, especially from indie devs and greater than 99&cent priced apps. We take a look at Whitaker Trebella’s Sophomore effort, Pivvot, the amazing genre-mashing tower defense/RTS/time management/resource management/world builder, , a cool arcadey music game from the team at Double Fine Productions and finally Juicy Beast Studio’s iOS port of their vertical catapulter, Knightmare Tower.

Also don’t miss out on some of the great freebies and sales going on this weekend. For instance, XCOM®: Enemy Unknown is still only $14.99 (reg $19.99).

Hope you enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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