krf-rising-tides-06If you read my review of Kingdom Rush Frontiers, you may recall that I REALLY loved the game.

Now this stellar Tower Defense game is getting its first big FREE update titled ‘Rising Tides‘, which adds “new nautical-themed baddies, heroes, maps, and tons of other fun surprises”. In the trailer below you can see some really cool stuff like a some sort of underwater creature’s tentacles wrapping around the towers and a huge killer whale that deposits enemy troops onto the beach via its mouth.

If you haven’t already picked up this game, you really should.
This free update should be downloadable sometime this Thursday, in the meantime…enjoy the trailer.

Here are the full details on The Rising Tides update for Kingdom Rush: Frontiers:
  • Brand new levels featuring a three-stage campaign against marauding sea devils.
  • Six new enemies with special abilities to keep you on your toes… or flippers! Face green-fin man-hunters, storm-summoning Bluegales and wave after wave of scurvy sea-dogs.
  • Leviathan boss battle pits you against a vengeful deep-sea god.
  • Five new achievements to challenge your skills.
  • Two new heroes including Kutsao the mysterious monk from distant lands and Karkinos the Crab Man general, packing perilous pinchers and an evasive scuttle.
  • Easter eggs, specials and mOAr of the tower defense action you crave!

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