603271_10151729848519421_667440691_nWelcome to episode 49, things are getting interesting as we approach the Fall and the release of new Apple hardware and iOS 7…could a major new update to Apple’s Maps App be in the works?

We are having a bit of a heat wave here in the North East and temperatures are not the only thing that are heating up as Apple announced a couple of big Acquisitions this week. Trevor and I discuss how these strategic buys are aimed at rounding out Apple’s Maps app and making it a stronger competitor against Google Maps (which got an update of its own update this week).

Now five years in, Trevor and I also break down the App Store landscape and you may be surprised by the percentage of Free Apps on the app store and just how much money the top apps are making on a daily basis.

Finally, of course also dive into a bunch of the new iOS games including: Breach & Clear, PAC-MAN Dash!, Futuridium EP and Bounty Arms

Thanks for listening and enjoy the show.

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