The-Walking-Dead-400-Days-logoHungry for more Walking Dead?

Well, you are in luck (if you can call a zombie apocalypse lucky), as the folks at Telltale will be releasing the all-new standalone chapter to its amazing (2012 App of The Year winning) Walking Dead adventure game.

First teased at E3 earlier this year, 400 Days will be a $4.99 in app purchase to the existing app and is an all-new story set in the same geographical location as the events of Season One, but features an entirely new group of survivors. The five stories contained within this chapter can be played in any order, yet they are linked and like in Season One, decisions you make in one story will have a direct effect on the other stories.

Today, Telltale announced (via IGN) that iOS gamers will be able to get their hands on the 400 Days IAP on Thursday July 11th.

This should hopefully tide us over until Season 2 launches (presumably) next year.