ascension-sos-update-01Playdek has just released a BIG update for their iOS version of Stone Blade Entertainment’s deckbuilding tabletop game, Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer.

This update adds a new full-size in-app expansion called Ascension: Immortal Heroes ($2.99) which features “new trophy monsters and events and introduces Soul Gems, allowing players to gain access to powerful heroes from the past”. Ascension: Immortal Heroes can be played as a stand-alone two-player game or can be combined with other existing Ascension expansions, though Playdek suggests that “Ascension: Immortal Heroes is best experienced when the new expansion is combined with the previously released in-app expansion Ascension: Storm of Souls“.

The expansion introduces a few new game mechanics, art and completely new faction Heroes and Constructs.

ascension-sos-update-03Even if you don’t purchase the Ascension: Immortal Heroes expansion for $2.99, this is still a huge update for iPhone 5 and 5th gen iPod Touch owners as the app gets a great looking visual update to support 4 inch retina displays and add support for Playdek’s new universal online account system which they will be deploying across all of their titles.

With regards to switching over to the new account system, Playdek has issued a detailed set of instructions on their Facebook page, which I’ve included below. If you have any ongoing games of Ascension, then make sure you follow these instructions to the letter so that your matches are not corrupted.

Technical note about online play:
You will need a Playdek account to play online after performing the update. If you have already created an account through Agricola, then you just need to login with that account. There is no need to create a new account.
After you install the update, Playdek recommends that you create your account FIRST, before purchasing the Immortal Heroes IAP.
In order to link your previous game history with your new account we suggest the following:
Launch Ascension and log in to online play with the existing system BEFORE we changeover the server this afternoon. Once you have reached the Online Lobby, you’re good to go. If you’ve played online sometime in the last month, you should be already set.
If you still need to create an account (you did NOT with Agricola), when you create a new account, make sure that you are logged in with the same Game Center account you used to play Ascension with. After you create and activate their account, log in and make sure all of the stats for your existing player record have been properly transferred.
If you already have an account for Agricola, log in with same email/password, and make sure all of the stats and in-progress games from your existing player record have properly transferred.

It is important to note that updating this app will break support for 2nd gen iPod Touches.

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