Packaging-User-1It seems like the demand for waterproof iPhone cases has really taken off and a once niche market dominated by LifeProof is seeing quite a few new competitors.

Last month Incipio introduced their ATLAS waterproof iPhone case and now Ballistic has just announced their Hydra case and Outdoor Tech will be debuting their Safe 5 waterproof iPhone 5 case at CEWeek in NYC later this week.

It’ll be interesting to see how these new contenders stack up against their competition once they get out into the field, but here is what we know thus far:

Ballistic Hydra Case

HY1026-A245_iphone5_hydra_graywhite_hr_002Ballistic’s Hydra Case is waterproof and dustproof and delivers drop protection for your iPhone 5 in an attractive and slim case.

When the Ft. Lauderdale-based company set out to design their new Hydra Case, they wanted to find the perfect balance between security and balance between pocketability.

As a result, the Hydra can be “submerged in water up to seven feet and for up to thirty minutes, exceeding IP-68 standards”. The case has been carefully engineered to be completely dustproof, and easy to access port covers and acoustic waterproof meshes keep your phone dry while keeping functionality and accessibility in tact.

The company is “confident our model is easier to assemble, features a slimmer form factor and offers greater protection than the competition.”

The case comes in a variety of colors and is packaged with an optional 180-degree swivel belt clip for a retail price of $80. The case is available for purchase now at and will soon be in a variety of other retail stores nationwide.


Outdoor Tech Safe 5 Case

outdoortech-safe5-iPhone5AllHiResNext month Outdoor Tech will be releasing their $50 Safe 5 waterproof iPhone case.

Making your iPhone 5 completely waterproof for three feet for up to thirty minutes, the Safe 5 offers a less expensive option to buyers looking some 24/7 water protection.

We’re told that the iPhone 5 is fully usable while in the case and a rubber gasket that runs all the way around the interior, helps to fully seal off your phone from water and a rubber coating on the case’s front helps to improve grip.

“Opening and closing the case is made easy via three aluminum, quarter-turn latches that may be operated with a coin or any object with a similar profile.”