mzl.qptlkhep.480x480-75This was a huge week of new releases on iOS and one in particular, XCOM®: Enemy Unknown has the potential to be a real game changer.

Trevor and I discuss what the success of this AAA title could potentially mean for iOS as a whole and how it could result in more non-watered down console and PC experiences making their way to iOS from other big name publishers.

We also talk about some of the other new games like iOS newcomer Pixel Hero Games’ deluxe 3D adventure game, Spiral Episode 1, Disney’s Where’s My Mickey? and Rovio’s first release as a third-party publisher. Also on the agenda are a number of new apps and updates that hit the App Store this week including Facebook’s attempt to supplant Vine for mobile video sharing as well as the recent update to the Apple TV and more rumors about the next iPhone.

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