ACT_Screenshot_1Sydney Australia-based RAWR Media has just released a gorgeous looking interactive book app for the iPad called A Cautionary Tail.

Based on the award-winning, 2012 animated short film of the same name, A Cautionary Tail is a magical story about being different, centered around a little girl born with a tail. This new interactive book form for the iPad combines cinematic 3D animation, narration by David Wenham, interactive features to bring this fable to life on your iPad and share its important message about self-acceptance.

The animated film has been carefully translated into book form and is fully narrated by David Wenham himself. Kids also have the ability to read-along with the app by following the highlighted words or just read the story’s rhyming verse to themselves.
Playful, rhyming verse that encourages reading, writing and listening skills — rich, lively text that will spark the imagination of kids

ACT_Screenshot_9A Cautionary Tail is a modern fable about “resisting pressure to conform and celebrating the things that make us unique” and tries to deliver “a delightful, positive story, dealing with the themes of loss, bullying and being different – an important contemporary fable .

Whether it is spinning the Gameshow wheel or playing with shadow puppets, finger painting or tilting the iPad to drive the family car, the app features a number of interactive elements to entertain kids and allow them to interact with both the characters and scenes.

Along with the stunning visuals, A Cautionary Tail also showcases many of the short film’s original voice talent including Cate Blanchett, David Wenham and Barry Otto, for a rich multimedia experience. There are also some special behind the scenes bonus features for a sneak peek at the making of the animated short.

You can purchase A Cautionary Tail from the App Store now for $4.99.

For more information about the app, short film and RAWR media, you can visit the official website.

Purchase your copy of A Cautionary Tail from the App Store: