white_iphone5I just received an email from the folks at CruxCase alerting me to a promotion they are currently running where they are practically giving away their CruxSNAP iPhone 5 Cases as part of their CruxSWAG promotion.

Crux has got a bunch of cases we are trying to get rid of (Free)

Crux is giving away iPhone 5 cases. These cases are precision design with a minimal aesthetic. They perfectly protect and compliment the iPhone. The cases are completely free. Colors: Rubber Finish Black or Glossy White. Hurry before they’re gone.


When I checked the link, the CruxSNAP cases were coming up as $0.01 each + a $9.99 US shipping charge for a single case, making it $10…not free.

However, if I added two cases to my cart, then the shipping dropped down to nothing and it totaled to only $0.02 (shipped) for the two cases.

It is unclear if this model is being discontinued or why these are being given away.

There is a separate listing on their website for the CruxSNAP™ at a price of $10 each. So you are really only getting the deal if you can get it to not charge you $10 for shipping.

If interested I’d hop on this deal ASAP if you want to get in on it before all of the ‘free’ cases are gone.