FOD_iPad_01Originally published in 1983, The Forest of Doom Fighting Fantasy gamebook from author (and series co-creator) Ian Livingstone gets an interactive digital transformation courtesy of the talented team at Tin Man Games.

Dive into the perilous Darkwood Forest and see what adventure awaits. The app has all the features you’ve come to expect from a Tin Man Game’s Gamebook including “animated page-turning, dynamic links, an automated adventure sheet to show changing stats and display magical treasures, the reader can also roll physics-based 3D dice to bravely battle the creatures found within Darkwood Forest”. There are also notes from Ian Livingstone himself on

However it appears that The Tin Man has a few more tricks up his metal sleeves and The Forest of Doom features and cool new mapping system which automatically tracks where you’ve been as you explore the forest so you can remember where you’ve been before (and more importantly…where you’ve died).

Darkwood Forest is a tricky place to find your way around, so a new game engine feature is the addition of a map that auto-updates as you travel from location to location. Neil Rennison, creative director for Tin Man Games, said: “We listened to the fans who wanted more mapping within the Fighting Fantasy apps and we felt that it was a perfect addition to The Forest of Doom. Looking to the future, we plan to make more of this feature for upcoming FF titles.”

For those nostalgic players, the app even includes a “retro mode” which allows you to view the physical book’s original black and white illustrations instead of the new full color ones.

If you’d like to dive into Tin Man Game’s latest Fighting Fantasy gamebook adventure you can grab the universal app now for $5.99.

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