contra-evolutionhd_578198956_ipad_03Ask most 30 to 40 yr old gamers and I bet you that many will tell you that one of their fondest NES games growing up was Konami’s side-scrolling run and gunner…Contra!

Now PunchBox Studios revives this classic with all new retina graphics and virtual controls (unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be iCade support).

While I haven’t had a chance to try this one out yet, from the screenshots, it looks like it faithfully recreates the original, along with some additional new playable female characters

For information, the app store description only says:

The epic ACT game is back in high definition! “Contra: Evolution” will bring players back to the most traditional shooting game through the authentic stage and story of 1988 FC platform Contra. Not only can gamers play original heroes, but also two new female characters with different attacking style. Moreover, the HD graphics and equipment system will provide a whole new experience in the world of Contra!

The game does feature some sort of in-game ‘Diamond’ currency as the App Store listing shows two ‘top’ IAPs:

  • Small DIA. Pack – $0.99
  • Large DIA. Pack – $4.99

Unfortunately the game is NOT a universal app, so you’ll have to buy separate iPhone and iPad releases for 99¢ each.

Contra was difficult enough with a local co-op partner, so I can only imagine playing alone and with the handcap of a virtual stick. So I guess the most important question that remains is…does THE KONAMI CODE work?

Hopefully we’ll have an answer soon.

Here is a gameplay video the folks at TouchGameplay captured a few months back of (what I believe was) the Chinese App Store release of the game.


These apps appear to have mysteriously disappeared from the US App Store, but are still available in China. Not sure why they were removed or if they’ll be coming back. More details when we get them.

Download your own copy of Contra: Evolution: