walking-dead-ep-4If you somehow still haven’t managed to pick up Telltale Games’ AMAZING Walking Dead episodic adventure game (and my pick for best app of 2012) then now’s your chance to get it super cheap!

Now through Wednesday April 10th, like Michonne with a katana, Telltale has slashed the prices of episodes 2-5 by 40% to just $2.99 each (reg $4.99) and the multi-pack bundle of these four episodes (the way to go) is on sale for just $9.99 (reg $14.99), saving you $0.50 on each of the remaining episodes.

The app w/ the first episode is completely free (just by downloading the app), so if you divide the cost over all 5 episodes that means it’s actually just $2 an episode. SUCH A BARGAIN for such a well produced game that is probably better than many movies you’ll watch in the theater this year.

Don’t miss out on this spectacular deal!

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Walking Dead: The Game
Telltale Inc
(Eps 2-5 bundle avail for $9.99 [a 30% savings] via IAP)