Sadly it appears that today’s New Zealand launch of Real Racing 3 WILL NOT be making its way to the US store tonight. EA is using the New Zealand market for a soft launch (our friends at Slide to Play confirmed this). US players won’t get to play with their shiny new cars until next week.

So while we wait for Real Racing 3 in the US, there are plenty of other titles being released tonight. Lots of games to tempt and entertain you. Other free games include Towerscape and JellymonHer,both of which should appeal to fans of the endless jumper and diver genres.

Jambo, publisher Thumbstar Games hopes to capture those iOS gamers growing tired of Draw Something. Instead of just identifying images, Jambo is more charades-like, tasking players with solving hand-drawn riddles and charades created by members of the Jambo community. The game is available in both free a paid versions.

As for paid apps, first we have a charming looking puzzle game from the folks at Gavina Games called Puzzle Restorer. Using your limited supplies of paint and brushstrokes, you must mix paint and restore somewhat destroyed paintings to their former glory.

redneck-revenge-zombie-roadtrip_594428590_ipad_02Bulkpix offers up some good ol’ undead shootin’ fun with Redneck Revenge: A Zombie Roadtrip and Forest Moon Games goes on a retro 8-bit Indiana Jones-style treasure hunting speed run in Relic Rush.

Fans of top-down scrolling aerial shooters have a couple of choices tonight with HandyGames transporting players to the bullet ridden skies of Europe in their WWII shooter Aces of the Luftwaffe, and if the cosmos are more your thing, then perhaps you may find Sela The Space Pirate a little more appealing.

HackyCat is an offbeat arcade high scoring game from Ken Wong (Art Director of Alice: Madness Returns). Players try to keep an endless supply of cats up in the air as long as possible, as soon as one falls the game is over. This looks like it could cause some giggle fits among my little girls and the cats even have cute names and personalities like “Hipstacat, Scurvy Pete, and Taco Cat”.

flick-champions-winter-sports_592682163_ipad_02Chillingo is also publishing a couple new 99¢ titles this week as well. The first of which is the third title in their Flick Champions sports minigame series. Flick Champions Winter Sports contains six winter sports including Snowboard Slalom, Ski Jumping, Ice Hockey, Curling, Skating, Snowball Fight and Ski Jumping. Their other title, Rock Runners is a running, jumping and swinging action platformer with one touch controls and 140 levels. So both games looks like they offer a fair amount of value for your dollar

Finally we have the humorous looking animated platformer, Burt Destruction (available now). It features a boy named Burt and his buddy Bigfoot who must do battle against a team of baddies which include insane leprechauns, hover sharks, robo sloths, donkey manta rays, rabies babies, a giant evil German earthworm and their leader, a Yeti hellbent on making everyone in the world hairy…just like him. Yeah sounds pretty insane, in a very good way!

These apps should all be available on the US App Store starting at 11pm EST tonight.
There are trailers for many of these games on page two of this post.

Let us know which titles you will be picking up tonight, or if you’ll be spending the evening trying to create a New Zealand iTunes account to play Real Racing 3.

Go to the second page of this post to watch trailers for many of these games.