ssg-preview-05.jpgThe team at Noodlecake Games have been very busy crafting their very worthy sequel to their hit game Super Stickman Golf.

First released in 2010, the original Super Stickman Golf received a number of updates and remains one of my all-time favorite games on the iOS platform. Bigger, bolder and full of hats, Super Stickman Golf 2 is not only ‘on par’ with the original (see what I just did there) it is even more entertaining than its predecessor.

I have been eagerly awaiting this game since it was first announced last year and as I stated in my Best of 2012 post, one of my most anticipated iOS games of 2013. Fortunately this weekend I had a chance to spend some time (…okay, a lot of time) with a pre-release build of SSG2, and it a word, it’s AMAZING!

ssg-preview-10.jpgWith even crisper graphics, challenging new courses, new powerups, new golfers, the new aforementioned hat system and the much requested asynchronous multiplayer gameplay, not to mention the return of the ‘race style’ real-time multiplayer, the game has so much replayability it is insane!

Many details of Super Stickman Golf 2 have already been revealed on Noodlecake’s blog but there are still some surprises in store. Actually getting to experience the game for myself has been loads of fun and it has reignited my Super Stickman Golf addiction.

For this piece I’ll focus on what are arguably the two biggest changes to the game, the hat system and the asynchronous multiplayer.

ssg-preview-12.jpgAhhh the hats, everybody loves them some hats. In Super Stickman Golf 2, unlockable hats like a viking hat, turtle shell, top hat and more can be placed on your golfer to simply change his style or give him unique special abilities including (but not limited to) ‘no extra stroke penalty for landing in the water’ or ‘an extra powerup’. These often humorous chapeaus add a whole new layer of strategy to the game as you try to decide which hat might best assist you on a particular course.

Hats are unlocked by purchasing tickets (via Golf Bux) for the Hat Lottery, a gumball-machine-like device that dispenses hats. Purchasing more tickets increases your odds of getting a unique new hat. Additional Golf Bux are earned by unlocking achievements, successfully completing randomly appearing bonus goals or various other ‘free’ methods (gotta keep some secrets). Additional Golf Bux can also be purchased using real money for players who just can’t wait (or want to thank Noodlecake with some extra cash).

ssg-preview-04.jpgThe head to head asynchronous play is exactly what players hoped for. Matches start with the first player completely playing a single hole, then the second player plays both the first and second hole. Play continues going back and forth, two holes at a time until all 9 holes have been completed. In between plays, you get to see a replay of how your opponent played the hole in real-time (sans the arrow/power meter) so it feels much like a real round of golf, where you can learn from your competitor, seeing the approach he took, before taking your turn. So far I’ve had some great match-ups against the developers and cannot wait to challenge the rest of my Game Center friends once SSG2 has been officially released.

While the game release date hasn’t been announced, the seemingly near feature complete beta build that I’ve been playing is very polished and supremely entertaining. I can confidently say that Noodlecake has another big hit on their hands and iOS gamers will definitely want to be hitting up these greens when they are opened to the public.

Note that details in the following screenshots are subject to change as these were taken from a work-in-progress build.