temple-run-2_572395608_ipad_01This week we will be getting new games from many of our favorite iOS indies.

First up is Temple Run 2. This sequel to the smash hit Temple Run, caught me by surprise as I had heard no news that a sequel would be coming out this week, until I found it on the New Zealand app store. Imangi has added new gameplay elements including mine carts, ziplines and new powerups as well. There’s no doubt this will be topping the download charts this week.

Another freebie this week comes from Bulkypix in the form of a soccer ball flicking, zombie slaying kickfest appropriately called Undead Soccer.

At the 99¢ price point we have new titles from publishers Chillingo and Forest Moon Games. Tin Man Can a single player and/or multiplayer a unicycle-riding robot racing game. Set in a serene Japanese Zen garden, Zen Training is a rhythm game of sorts where you have to line up gems falling from the tree by spinning the tree itself.

infestor_577138009_ipad_02Retro-revivalists Ravenous Games, are releasing infestor, a 16-bit style puzzle platformer that looks to be a similar vein as their previously released League of Evil and Random Heroes games.

Other 99¢ offerings include a game which we first heard about last February, Momonga Pinball Adventures. It is pretty cool looking crossover between a pinball game (players hit a ball with flippers) and an adventure game. Match-3 fans may want to check out 7 Elements, a visually impressive look new iPad-only title in this genre and hex puzzle gamers may appreciate the Steampunk sensibility of Rocket Island.

If you enjoy time management games or just enjoy waiting for luggage at the airport, then for $1.99 you can check out Busy Bags, an airport-themed game that has you trying to help weary passengers grab their luggage and get out of the airport as quickly as possible. This is just the first of four titles which HandyGames plans to launch over the next four weeks.

I have never played a Final Fantasy game in my life, but I know they are quite popular. Publisher SQUARE ENIX describes FINAL FANTASY ALL THE BRAVEST as “a pick-up-and-go RPG with massive battles”. A universal app AND less than $3, this is one of the least expensive games we’ve seen in this series.

lode-runner-classic_582864706_02Finally we’ll end this list with a couple of retro ports, the first of which was one of my favorite games from my Apple II days, the Brøderbund classic, Load Runner. The iPhone-only app, Lode Runner Classic is the first officially licensed version of this retro classic to make its way to iOS as it comes from the current trademark holders, Tozai, Inc.. With 150 levels, two game modes, multiple control and multiple control schemes, I have high hopes that this game will live up to my fond memories (even if it doesn’t have a level editor).

Cyan Worlds who received much praise for their iPad port of Myst, realMyst. Now they are bringing the Myst sequel Riven to iPad as well, with richer graphics and details than their original iPhone release of Riven. Weighing in at nearly 2GB, this is one hefty and beautiful looking app.

These apps should all be available for download tonight (Wednesday Jan 16th) at 11pm EST.

That’s all I’ve got for you this week.

As always, leave a comment below and let us know if we missed any good new releases and which titles you’ll be buying.