You may recall that earlier this month Days of Wonder launched a Kickstarter Campaign to improve the iOS version of their Small World iPad app.

Despite reaching 51% of their initial $190k goal, the fact that the app would be updated no matter what and the Android version was a $300k dependent on a $300k stretch-goal left many Small World supporters confused and wondering what the true goal of the campaign was.

Today Days of Wonder released the following update (#7) stating that they are going to be scrapping the current campaign and launching a new one on March 12th with a clearer goal and focus on funding the Android and Steam PC versions of the game.

Tonight at Midnight EST, the campaign will be cancelled, and if you were a supporter, you need not worry, your credit card will not be charged.

Tonight (Thursday January 24) at midnight EST, we will cancel this campaign.
We will immediately go back to the drawing board to create a new campaign, that will launch in mid-March.
This new campaign will focus on a single goal: funding an Android tablets and Steam PC version of Small World 2.

There were no details in the update, explaining what this means to those of us that already own the current iOS release of the game. We may have to wait until March for clarification on this. Will we still be getting the update for free?

In the comments section one user asked “do you care to comment if the new iPad version will be a free upgrade to current users?“, but so far no answer has been posted by the folks at Days of Wonder. However they have said that in the new campaign “there will be items of interest to existing iPad players. we’re confident of that” and “there will be a (even better) way to get the Designer Edition”.

The full text of the update is available here.