Get ready to open your wallet, it’s been another promising week of new releases starting with prolific publishers Chillingo and Bulkypix bringing us Spoing and Catch The Candy respectively. These might satisfy your physics-based puzzler cravings on both the iPhone and iPad. If that’s not enough, there is also the iPad-exclusive puzzle platformer Bazzle from Capcom Mobile’s Beeline Interactive label.

Next we have G5 Entertainment doing what they do best, launching Supermarket Mania 2 in separate free to try versions for both the iPhone and iPad. It’s the sequel to their wildly popular time management game, Supermarket Mania®. In case you missed it, you can read my full review here.

We also saw a few interesting looking universal titles including Chromanoids™, a new multi-game mode arcade-style space shooter from the folks at Hothead Games and Control Craft, a stylized (albeit fairly short) RTS game from Elite Games Ltd. Click here to try out Control Craft right within your browser.

Next up, BackFlip Studios takes a temporary respite from their recent series of ad-supported casual games to bring us Army of Darkness Defense, a castle defense game based on the cult classic Sam Rami film Army of Darkness starring Bruce Campbell. It is available in separate iPhone and iPad releases which are currently on a launch sale price of 99¢ and $2.99. I picked this one up on launch night and it is a fun romp which will certainly entertain fans of the film and castle defense games in general.

Finally, the irreverent and decisively British, D.I. Hector arrives on the iPad in Straandlooper and Telltale Game’s first joint release, HECTOR: Ep1 HD – We Negotiate with Terrorists. This is the iPad version of the amazingly fun and cheeky iOS adventure game Hector: Badge of Carnage released for the iPhone last year. Two more episodes are in the works and I loved this one on the iPhone, so I can only imagine it looks absolutely brilliant on the iPad.

As always, please leave a comment below letting us know what new releases you picked up this week.

iPhone / iPod Touch

Catch The Candy


Army of Darkness Defense

Supermarket Mania® 2
Free ($4.99 Full Game Unlock)



Control Craft




Catch The Candy HD

Spoing HD

Army of Darkness Defense HD

Supermarket Mania® 2 HD
Free ($6.99 Full Game Unlock)

HECTOR: Ep1 HD – We Negotiate with Terrorists