Honoring the best of the best mobile Apps, the 5th Annual Best App Ever Awards is now accepting nominations.

Stop by the official site now to nominate your favorite iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad apps in well over 100 categories from Best Storybook App to Best Retro Game and everything in between. Covering both apps and games, these are quite possibly the most comprehensive mobile app awards.

The difference between the “” awards and other “Best of” honors is that in the BAEs, ANY app is eligible, not just those released the voting year (and with over 700,000 apps on the App Store, there are plenty to choose from).

So if for instance, several new navigation apps were released this year, but you felt that none of them was better than an older app which was updated with awesome new features you can nominate the older app and all nominated app (new and old) have an equal shot at claiming the ‘Best App’ distinction.

The awards are broken into four subsections with the individual award categories distributed underneath:

Last year Android apps were added as well, but this year they are being divided into two completely separate awards ceremonies with the Android nominations being held in February of next year.

The Rules:

You can read the full rules here, but the gist of it is:

As I mentioned earlier, you can nominate any app released at any time in any of the categories, but it must fit the category for which it is being nominated or the nomination will be disqualified.

Each user is allowed to nominate any app just once in a category. A user may nominate more than one app in a category and may nominate a single app in multiple categories.

Once all the nominations are in, the top 10 nominated apps in each category will be presented for voting

In addition to the publicly voted awards, there will be special industry voted awards and “the 10 apps that get the most nominations across all categories will compete for the prestigious Best App Ever Award. A single app will be crowned the Best App Ever based on user votes.”

Onto The Nominations:

You only have until December 31st to make your nominations, so support your favorite Apps, developers, or publishers by nominating their apps and if you want to see an app make it to the voting stage, make sure you get your friends and family to nominate the apps as well.

What are your favorite apps that were released this year?
Leave a comment below and let us know.