Hot off their publishing success with the absolutely fantastic and devilishly dark point and click adventure Yesterday, Bulkypix has revealed an up coming slate of additional titles from the Spanish developer Pendulo Studios.

Pendulo Studios has been making highly regarded adventure games for the PC for over 15 years. Their next Bulkypix-published title, Hidden Runaway, planned for a September release, is a kind of sequel/spin-off of their PC series Runaway, which Pendulo launched in 2001 and which has gone on to see a number of sequels for the PC. Now the series arrives on iOS in a new game that both fans of the original Runaway: A Road Adventure, as well as new comers to the series will enjoy.

Hidden Runaway is a brand-new episode starring main characters Brian and Gina, who no longer live together — in fact, they hate each other… but they have to tell the story of their first adventure, from the very first time they met, to a producer who wants to make a Hollywood blockbuster out of it.

While the game revisits the events of their very first title, it is in fact “an original hidden object game that mixes hidden object searches, casual puzzles adapted and simplified from their point n’ click predecessor with special mini-games and narrative cut-scenes!”

So whether you played the original point and click adventure game or not, Hidden Runaway will offer a brand new experience. For iOS, the game will be a universal app, with pricing still to be determined.

Looking a little further into the future, Bulkypix will ALSO be publishing Hollywood Monsters, which will be an iOS port of Pendulo’s 2011 release, The Next Big Thing.

A classic point and click style adventure game set in the 1940s, Hollywood Monsters follows Dan Murray and Liz Allaire as they embark on an incredible and crazy adventure.

“What would happen if horror movies’ monsters were actually played by real monsters? And what if they were now forced to play in kids’ movies, romantic comedies or even musicals? And what would happen if, at the end, they decided to rebel?”

The game looks both humorous and engaging, and I cannot wait for this one to come to iPad as well, which shouldn’t bee too long, as Hollywood Monsters is tentatively schedule for a November release.

Here is the trailer from its original PC release:

Finally, if that wasn’t already enough to send point and click adventure gamers into a tizzy, Pendulo Studios is hard at work on an all-new title called Day One. This time they are going the crowd-sourced funding route and while there is no mention of an iOS release in the campaign information, a tweet to the folks at Pendulo confirmed that they are definitely interested in bringing it to iOS as well, but of course it all hinges on if they reach their initial funding goal or not.

So, if you like high quality point-and click adventure games, then you may want to check this out and consider backing the campaign. It is currently only at 12% of its goal of just under $362k with about 37 days to go. I wish the team at Pendulo Studios the best of luck and hope they can pull it off.