Clearcrate’s iDock 30-Pin Docking Station is designed to allow you to charge your iPod Touch, iPhone or Nano safely and securely by keeping it up off the ground, tabletop or counter top where it could get accidentally damaged.

It does this by creating an elevated docking tray right at your power outlet, keeping your device out of harms way while it charges. It works with your existing Apple® iPhone power adapter (not included) to keep your charging cord-free where it cannot accidentally be snagged.

Normally these sell for almost $30, but for a limited time you can get them for just $6 each when you add them to your cart at

I’m guessing that Clearcrate is simply trying to clear out old inventory now that the newer Apple devices have the new lightning connector and will not work with this dock. If you have an older iPhone, iPod Touch or Nano that uses the 30-pin connector, this could be great for travel or everyday use.

Buy your $6 Clearcrate iDock now at