Love iOS gaming abut miss those physical buttons?

One turn off for many iOS gamers has always been the lack of the tactile controls they’ve grown accustomed to from years of (pre-iOS) mobile gaming.

iON Audio’s popular iCade cabinet has been the go to solution for retro-minded iPad gamers, and several months back iPod Touch and iPhone owners got some love when iON Audio released their iCade Mobile which gave players eight action buttons and a two-axis d-pad.

Unfortunately since your iDevice is cradled within the iCade Mobile itself, (despite it using Bluetooth for communication) the system is not compatible with the iPhone 5 or the latest generation iPod Touch due to their longer screens. As a result, ThinkGeek is having a massive sale on the iCade Mobile dropping it from $69.99 to $24.99 (64% off)!

If you have a last-gen iDevice, now might be the time to pick one of these bad boys up. For more details and a list of compatible games, you can visit ThinkGeek’s site.

Have an iPhone 5, 5th Gen iPod Touch or an iPad? Well there is still good news if you want a retro style controller for your iOS Games, as ThinkGeek has now finally started selling the much anticipated iCade 8-Bitty Wireless controller for $29.99. It is a NES-style Bluetooth controller that works with (I believe) all models of iPhone & iPad and features 8 buttons including 4 face buttons, select, start, and two shoulder buttons, plus a D-Pad for movement.

The 8-Bitty looks like it would be perfect for playing content mirrored on your TV at home like the Atari Greatest Hits collection, Activision Anthology or Velocispider or some of the cool pixel-art platformers and speed run titles. For more details and compatible titles visit ThinkGeek.