Frequent readers of this blog will know that Toca Boca is one of the favorite developers in our household.

Neither of my daughters can even mention the name without breaking out into an ear to ear grins.

Fun for both parents and kids alike, Toca Boca’s apps are well-made and perfectly in tune to what kids like.

As a special back to school sale, Toca Boca has dropped the price of both the iPhone and iPad releases of their super fun medical-themed mini game collection, Toca Doctor to FREE for a limited time.

It is a fun collection of 21 mini-games that take place in the human body, allowing your child to “play doctor”, examining patents and fixing them up.
If this isn’t already in your child’s library of games, it certainly should be.

So grab a copy, tell a friend to grab a copy and tell them to tell a friend to grab a copy after all laughter is the best medicine.