ClamCase®, makers of the netbook-like Bluetooth keyboard case for the iPad, is currently having a $20 OFF sale on all its cases through Wednesday.

By using the promo code “B2S2012” you will get $20 off the normal price of $149, plus FREE SHIPPING.

The ClamCase® is designed to give iPad owners sturdy, full-coverage protection from a hard polycarbonate shell, as well as a much more enjoyable typing experience which retains the full view-able area of the iPad’s display, thanks to the attached Bluetooth keyboard. Not only will it transform your iPad into laptop-like typing experience, but thanks to a special 360° hinge, the keyboard can be folded completely flat under the iPad (or pretty much any position in between) to be used as a stand for media consumption or (all the way) to use your iPad as a tablet for reading or gaming.

This final ‘tablet’ position is a particularly compelling aspect of this case, as it is something that is not always possible on Bluetooth keyboard cases for the iPad.

ClamCase’s slim scissor keys provide the tactile feel of a laptop to help you type faster and more effectively. By eliminating the inefficient on-screen keyboard you’ll take back 40% of your iPad display real estate. In addition to the QWERTY layout, there are 14 special function keys that allow you to copy, paste, control music and more!

I don’t have any experience with one of these cases, but it looks quite nice, especially for anyone who wants to do a lot of typing on their iPad. Apparently the keyboard battery can go over 100 days in standby without needing to be recharged so you should be good for long trips. It comes in all white, all-black or a really cool looking black and white combo called “THE TROOPER” which sort of resembles a Stormtrooper.

If you pick up one of these cases, let us know what you think.