Strapped To A Meteor, the team behind the dark platformer DEO, have announced that they will be launching their second game at the end of the month.

Taking a drastically different approach, their new game Mr. Dreamer is a much brighter experience, featuring eight colorfully painted worlds. It is an endless runner with a twist, or perhaps more appropriately, a flip. Unlike traditional single-button endless runners where you are graced solely with the power to jump, Mr. Dreamer takes a different approach…gravity. I know what you may be thinking, that sounds like a lot like Miniclip’s Gravity Guy, but the game is actually quite a different experience, as Mr. Dreamer doesn’t take place on a linear plane like most endless runners, but instead plays out on a twisty course.

You are a minion-like character named Poncho and your goal is to run as high as you can without getting hurt or spotted by your Broccoli Boss! You run along one side of a twisting, turning, looping track and you must avoid running upside down otherwise you’ll lose stamina. Try as you might, as you progress through the game, your twisty pathway will (at points) inevitably have you running upside-down. Should this occur, you can tap the screen to flip sides of the track to help maintain uprightedness (if that’s even a word?). Along the way you pick up candy pieces to earn points and special speed boosts and you must also avoid bombs which will take out part (or all) of your remaining stamina.

It makes for an interesting twist on the popular running genre, which I don’t believe I’ve seen before.
I’ve just started playing the game and should have a full review for you around launch time.

Check out the trailer and screenshots below and look for Mr. Dreamer to make his debut on the App Store on Tuesday, July 31st.