Last week, we received news regarding three upcoming titles repped by the Australian Marketing firm, Surprise Attack.

All three of the following titles are planned for release in Q3 of this year and look to offer iOS gamers some fresh experiences, from some industry veterans.

Man in a Maze

Developed by SmallGreenHill
iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Set in a Running Man-style (or for the younger crowd…Hunger Games-like) game show where players put their lives on the line for fame, fortune and cheap prizes, Man in a Maze is a top-down stealth action game. You must “sneak your way past lethal robots, avoid deadly traps and use your wits and cunning to survive.”

This one looks right up my alley, with some nice strategical gameplay.


Developed by Barrel of Donkeys
iPhone, iPod Touch

In Toybox, player are not only playing two games at once, but they are two completely different genres. Gamers must play a super simple shooter with one thumb and a ‘match 3′ puzzler with the other and the results of one feed directly into the other. An interesting sounding concept to say the least.

“Shoot enemies on one side of the screen to drop a colored block in the other. Then stack the blocks to score points, power up your weapons and earn extra lives. Survive as long as you can to get a high score. Each week the level changes and a new race to the top of the leaderboard begins.”


Developed by Anomalous Interactive
iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

Finally, last but not least is Wolfdozer, a game that Screw Attack is billing as “GTA meets the Three Little Pigs”.

Now before you start thinking this is going to be a big 3D open world game, they aren’t talking about GTA III, we’re going back to the roots and the the original top-down classic that started it all. And that’s NOT a bad thing.

“The Big Bad Wolf is back and this time he’s brought a bulldozer. Can you level Pigsville before the cops take you down and exact revenge on those pesky pigs? Wolfdozer is wonton destruction at its finest. Destroy the town, complete missions and rack up as high a score as possible before your inevitable capture.”

The game will use a one-touch control scheme wich means it should be easy to pick up and play. I remember enjoying the classic GTA games, so I will probably be checking this one out, it sounds like a fun, albeit twisted, retelling of a fairy tale classic.