Toca Boca has just uploaded the following trailer for their next digital toy, Toca Train.

What kid doesn’t like trains?
I know my two girls adore them!

So after already deftly tackling the Hair Salon, Tea Party, Doctor’s Office, Store, Kitchen and House, a kid-friendly train simulator sounds like the perfect choice!

Your kids are the train conductor, exploring the island with their train. Drive, pick up and drop off passengers, load and unload cargo from a big crane.

Following Toca Boca’s usual design model of keeping things simple and accessible to kids who are not yet able to read, there are no written instructions and the action is controlled via a series of intuitive levers and buttons.

This looks like it’ll certainly be another staple on my daughters’ iPod Touches.

Toca Train will be chugging into the App Store as a universal app on Thursday June 14th for $1.99.