It’s another BIG day for new releases, but in the interest on keeping this brief(er) I chopped my original list in half.

Kicking things off this week is N.O.V.A. 3, arguably the biggest new title, it is the third installment in Gameloft’s popular HALO-like FPS series, and bound to be a popular seller. Speaking of sequels, Frontier Developments brings us LostWinds2: Winter of the Melodias, the beautiful looking the sequel to their award-winning platform adventure game LostWinds which came out last December.

Looking for something a little different, then you may want to check out Jake Escapes HD from the Italian development studio, Just Funny Games. It is a comedic adventure game that tasks players with completing various jobs, collecting items to aid Jake and Doc in their quest to uncover the mysterious power of an Alien artifact. Offering a unique asthetic complete with comic book-style cut-scenes, this one looks like it’s brimming with character.

The Chillingo published 3D maze game This Could Hurt from Orange Agenda is one I’ve had my eye on for a few weeks now. On your pursuit to becoming a full-fledged Oakguard, you must carefully navigate your way through the Path of Pain, avoiding spinning blades, pitfalls and even giant mallets. With some really nice looking visuals, this one is a definite pickup for me.

Penny Time is a entertaining retroish looking side-scrolling action game from the Australian plastic skateboard manufacturer of the same name. The game offers a number of skater/board customization options, loads of unlockables, and plenty of planned FREE DLC (the first of which will be dropping on May 24th) adding a new playable character, 2 wearable accessories and ‘Competition Play’. Once this DLC hits there will be a real-world competition where you have a chance to win one of 15 original plastic Penny skateboards. So grab the game now or the free lite version and start practicing.

A number of other popular developers return to the app store this week with some frenetic fare. Everplay, the guys behind the popular title Spellsword, follow up this recently released hit with Pinch Peeps. It is a game in which players must pinch and drag together two similar ‘peeps’ to score and progress through the endless and timed modes. MadCoaster and Dimo Eggs creator CGMatic add to their expanding portfolio with ChickenBreak, a new swipe and tap-fest where you must help a chicken escape prison by deflecting incoming heat-seeking rockets and avoid obstacles like spike pits and swinging axes. Both titles appear to offer some nice leaderboard fodder.

By this point you are probably out of money, so you can always grab Electronic Arts’ new free version of BATTLESHIP for the iPhone, which is a tie-in with the new film from Universal Pictures. It offers both single and multiplayer battles via WiFi, Bluetooth, or Pass ‘N Play.

Electronic Arts

Penny Time
Penny Skateboards Australia

Pinch Peeps

CGMatic Co., Ltd.

This Could Hurt
Chillingo Ltd

Jake Escapes HD
Just Funny Games S.r.l.

LostWinds2: Winter of the Melodias
Frontier Developments Ltd

N.O.V.A. 3 – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance