We just got word from the folks at Learning Touch that this weekend they’ve dropped the price of their two newest FirstWords apps to $4.99 each.

FirstWords: Professional and First Sight Words Professional normally cost $9.99 each, but now (through the weekend) you can pick them up for 50% off.

FirstWords: Professional
$9.99 -> $4.99
FirstWords: Professional includes all the words in Learning Touch’s previous title FirstWords: Deluxe app ($4.99), plus 150 more words spread across new categories like Numbers, Feelings, Food, and Clothes.

First Sight Words Professional
$9.99 -> $4.99
First Sight Words: Professional includes over 300 of the most common words in the written English language. The aim of this app is to teach Preschool-aged kids to read more quickly and fluently, by helping them to recognize these commonly-used words.

While I don’t have any experience with these newer titles, my older daughter did REALLY enjoy FirstWords: Deluxe when she was younger, and her younger sister is currently enjoying that app as well. So if you can get all the original content of the Deluxe app, plus an additional 86% more content for the same price, well that seems like a great deal to me!

To help parents get the most out of their apps, Learning Touch offers up the following tips on easy ways you can tailor their apps to meet the differing needs of your children:

  • Make the app even more challenging by turning off letter hints and changing the letter order to “left to right”
  • Our professional apps include a manage word feature so you can turn words or whole word lists on and off
  • You can also choose between letter name and phonics under the spelling option