Shop4Tech has the JOYSTICK-IT iPad Arcade Stick on sale for $6.60 each (after 17% off coupon) through Sunday April 15th.

With free shipping (though it says it could take 3-4 weeks for delivery), this bests even ThinkGeek’s price of $8.99 (for one), $15.99 (for two).

Simply enter the coupon code ‘AM17’ at checkout.

Note that if you want to use this for dual-stick gaming, you’ll need to purchase two sticks for $13.20 shipped.

If you are unfamiliar with the JOYSTICK-IT, it is physical joystick that you temporarily attach to the screen of your iPad (or really any tablet device) over the game’s virtual d-pad. It is made of lightweight solid milled-aluminum giving you some nice tactile feedback and adds “more precise movement and faster response time for enhanced playability”.

I’ve used the “mini version” for the iPhone and it works surprisingly well and gives a cool retro arcade-like feel to your games.

Game Compatibility

The JOYSTICK-IT will work with any game that features a virtual on-screen control pad of some kind. Games that use swiping, swipe-style joypads, joypads with variable on-screen locations, or complex finger based gestures will not work properly with the JOYSTICK-IT.

Product Features

Add a real physical joystick to your tablet computer for enhanced gaming precision
Works with thousands of different games
No wires or batteries required
Removable and reposition-able. Will not harm your screen.
Solid milled-aluminum construction
Laser etched crosshair design on top of stick adds thumb traction
Invented and designed by ThinkGeek
Patent Pending design

Here’s a demo video of the JOYSTICK-IT in action.