Last week Days of Wonder released its first expasion pack for the iPhone edition of Ticket To Ride.

The 1910 expansion pack (already previously available for the iPad release of Ticket To Ride) is a 99¢ IAP which includes 3 new modes of gameplay using the original US map adding 35 new destinations. It also includes 10 new achievements (most relating to the 1910 expansion).

Here are some more details from the developer regarding the three new modes: 1910 Classic, 1910 Mega, and 1910 Big Cities.

1910 Classic
Updated route tickets offering new challenges to claim your path across the country. Experienced Ticket to Ride players will notice that there is no longer an end of game bonus for the longest route, which has now been replaced with a bonus for successfully completing the most tickets. This adds a new level of strategy to the game where tickets are crucial to winning and quantity of routes begins to trump quality of routes.

1910 Mega
Whereas the standard Ticket to Ride game consists of 35 destination tickets, in 1910 Mega there are 69 destination tickets (34 new routes), offering players even more opportunities to connect routes and collect points. At the game start, each player is dealt 5 routes instead of 3 and can choose to keep 3-5 of those routes. Like 1910 Classic, the end game bonus in Mega mode is based on most routes completed, not longest route.

1910 Big Cities
For the Ticket to Ride player who is craving a real challenge, 1910 Cities is a fast-paced grab for a limited number of routes, as all destination tickets start or end at a major city (Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, or Seattle.)

It’s great to see the Pocket release of Ticket To Ride getting these expansions, I have them for the iPad release and they add some nice variety and new challenges to the game play. Hopefully Days of Wonder will find a way to make the others work on the small screen as well.

If you haven’t already checked out the game’s other recent addition of asynchronous multiplayer, you really should, it’s loads of fun.

Though the vast majority of games played on Ticket To Ride Pocket remains SOLO games, the title has really been picking up steam with as many as 500,000 (yep – half million!) games of Ticket to Ride played in a single day!