Telltale Games has just released the first episode of ‘Playing Dead‘ a YouTube-based series where they take you behind the scenes of the development of their upcoming episodic adventure game based on Robert Kirkman’s award-winning comic series.

Hosted by AJ LoCascio, the voice of Marty McFly in Telltale’s Back to the Future: The Game, “Playing Dead is the online source for exclusive looks at The Walking Dead video game and interviews with the talent responsible for bringing the world of The Walking Dead to life.” In this inaugural episode, lead designers Jake Rodkin and Sean Vanaman reveal that the game will be based on the comic series (not the new AMC show).

“It exists right along-side the stories of the comics. If you were going by comic timeline, Rick would be in a coma and episode one takes place with a new set of characters all right around the greater-Atlanta area experiencing this apocalypse from a different perspective than Rick. You play a new character names Lee Everett who is actually on his way to prison and via the apocalypse his cop car wrecks and he has his freedom back, but of course now the world’s gone to Hell.”

Other characters from the comic series will be making appearances in the game as the new character’s storylines intersect with the comic book storylines. Even if you haven’t read the comics yet, it is safe to watch the nearly 14 minute interview show, they give you ample spoiler warnings of when to skip ahead. There was no information regarding release dates yet, but I am SUPER excited about this one. The screenshots they show throughout the video look stunning, almost like they are pages ripped directly from a comic.