For those of you planning on purchasing an iPhone 4S and DO NOT want to wait in line early next Friday morning (or perhaps even Thursday night), you can now pre-order your new iPhone 4S on Apple’s website with free release-date delivery. It doesn’t appear that you are able to pre-order for in-store pickup like with the original iPhone 4.

The phone comes in six different flavors (3 black, 3 white). A 16GB model will set you back $199, 32GB is $299 and (for the first time) you can order a 64GB iPhone for $399. Of course all these prices assume a new 2-year contract or extension. You can choose from AT&T, Verizon and (also for the first time) Sprint. If you already have a contract with one of these providers, you can check your upgrade eligibility here. All iPhone 4Ses will ship pre-loaded with iOS 5, which releases two days before the iPhone 4S, on Wed October 12th.