UK indie start-up, Hello Games, has just sent us the first two official screenshots for their upcoming cartoony bike trials / platformer game Joe Danger Touch.

Those of you who read my PAX East wrap-up in April may recall that this was one of my favorite unexpected surprises of the show. Not just a simple port of their existing Joe Danger game for XBLA and PSN, Joe Danger Touch is being written especially and exclusively for iOS devices to take advantage of their native touch screen interface and form factor.

Joe Danger Touch will retain the same comedic gameplay and stunning 3D cartoon visuals as the earlier Joe Danger titles on the consoles, but will feature “all new challenges, gameplay modes, and some awesome new playable characters to unlock”.

As for the touch controls, there will not be a clunky virtual d-pad. Instead players will “swipe Joe to make him pop a wheelie, flick barriers out of the way, tap to jump, hold to crouch and waggle their finger to fight with sharks”.

You’ll be able to see how your daredevil skills match up against your friends within Game Center. “Full GameCenter integration means that you can take on your friends to compete in outrageous face-offs. Race faster to the finish line by scoring “Perfects”, or master your motorbike, then take on the World with your high-scoring Tricks and Combos”.

Having played an early build at PAX East, I have no doubt that this game is going to be a huge hit. In my brief time with it, it left a lasting impression as one of my favorite bike trials games for the iOS platform. I cannot wait until this gets released in the Fall.

We’ll keep bringing you updates on Joe Danger Touch as we get them and you can always check out the franchise’s official website.